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On the hunt for the perfect house? So are we!
This community is a space for all your questions, concerns, worries, accomplishments, and curiosities related to the home buying process. Want to talk PMI vs 80/10/10? Discuss the pros and cons of sewer vs septic? Show off pictures? So do we. : )

This is place to link to house articles, talk about how to find a Realtor, what you are looking for, what you don't want, your personal experiences,...if it relates to house hunting, it's welcome here!

The Rules:
1. This community is open to anyone hunting for (or dreaming about hunting for) a house to purchase.
2. Users with houses to sell are allowed to post, once, as long as all information is under a cut. However, this is not the primary purpose of this community and if it begins to overwhelm more useful posts, these will no longer be allowed.
3. Please tag your posts with the relevant tags. If you would like to see one added, please contact the mod mrs_dragon.
4. When posting pictures, place any pictures after the first under a cut.

You can find how to use an lj cut HERE.

The Tags
There is a listing of all of our current tags on the main community page in the left sidebar.

Saying Hello
Please fill out the entry survey when you join:

When are you looking to buy:
Describe your dream house:
Anything you don't want in a house:
Any burning questions:
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